Marrone Textile is a company specialising in the wholesale of fabrics of various kinds. It is based in Nola (Naples), in Via Interporto Lotto/d1.

Active since 1940, our company has proved to be solid and forward-looking. Over time, it has become a reference in the sector for the Naples area, for all companies that want wholesale supplies of quality fabrics.

Thanks to the commitment of its competent staff, Marrone Textile has expanded its range of sales and fabric production. Today it is expanding into foreign markets, in Europe and other continents.


With the start of the import-export business in China, the company has established itself internationally. The business involves the trade in clothing fabrics, the sale of garments, tailoring products and various fabric items for women and men. All materials sold by Marrone Textile are high quality, carefully selected and tested fabrics. The shop is open on weekdays and is available for information or (free) estimates.


Vari servizi disponibili.

Taglio dei tessuti, stenditura dei tessuti, piazzamemto automatico dei tessuti, spedizioni in Italia e ovunque