Marrone Textile has always been active in the textiles sector as a wholesaler. It is modern, dynamic, and has been present in the textile production and distribution market for over eighty years, with wholesale and retail sales, regional and national reach, and exports abroad. Founded in 1940, the company has evolved over time, has been able to interpret changes, and is now in its third generation.


Our company looks to the future  without ever forgetting the tradition, values and experience of the past.Marrone Textile is increasingly established in the wholesale of fabrics and textiles. We have a well-stocked warehouse, where customers can purchase both large and small quantities of product.We offer a ‘to the cut’ service for the most expensive fabrics from 10 m upwards. The company catalogue offers a rich variety of fabrics, with which we serve most sectors of the textile industry.In addition to supplying large quantities for large textile productions, we offer 10 m ‘boats’. We like to remind you that with us even small manufacturers or retailers can have the quality and exclusivity of our products.We choose the best fabrics, from all over the world. In spite of this, Made in Italy always remains the spearhead of Marrone Textile’s fabric offering, a true guarantee of quality.Our team of experts is on hand to serve and advise customers. We offer and assist in purchasing, all with the kindness and competence that has always been our hallmark.